tvd 'Vampire Diaries' recap: Remember When You Killed Dad?Wow. I watched “Bringing Out the Dead” twice last night and again this morning and I still don’t know where I’m going to go with this, except to say that this may be one of the finest hours of this series. The writing and acting — heck, every aspect of the storytelling, is pitch perfect. So think of this as less of a recaplet and more of a ramble. Okay?

While Bonnie and Abby work to open the sealed coffin (which Damon wisely hid — with compelled human help — in the No Vampires Allowed cave chamber) Damon and Stefan go to dinner with Klaus and Elijah at Klaus Haus (to stall Klaus, while Bonnie and Abby try to open the coffin). Meanwhile, Caroline goes to pick up her dad at the hospital, only to hear from Meredith that she discharged him the evening before, because Bill Forbes is, well… he’s Bill Forbes and he’s quite angry that Dr. Fell dosed him with icky vampire blood to save his life. When Caroline calls her father, her vamponic hearing picks up the sound of his cell phone. She and Elena find Bill lying unconscious in a hospital storage closet. He’s suffering some serious knife wounds.

Care Bear is afraid her daddy is going to die, until Elena reminds her of the vampire blood undoubtedly still swimming in his veins. When Bill wakes up, he, of course, refuses to transition, because he’s Bill Damn Forbes! Caroline, struggles against this, and even considers force-feeding him blood, but ends up taking him home to die. And I’ll be honest with you, this episode has had me sobbing, for a few personal reasons. The ninth anniversary of my own father’s passing is just days away. Also, the day after our last episode aired, my aunt — one of the dearest friends of my heart — passed away. Her passing was of her own choice, as Bill’s passing is his. She chose to forego dialysis, because she had so many other debilitating physical ailments, that while dialysis would have bought her more time, it wouldn’t have bought her more life. I know she made the right decision, but that does little to soothe my broken heart. I seriously didn’t intend to go there when I started this, three paragraphs ago, but my brain wouldn’t let me write anything else, until I did.

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