tvd 'Vampire Diaries' recap: Shipwright!I’m still watching that scene, over and over. You know the one. Technically, since it’s split by a commercial break, I guess it’s two scenes. I think I can stop watching — long enough to write a recaplet, if you can stop, long enough to read one. Deal?

Since Klaus and Kol know Jeremy is in Colorado, someone has to bring him home. Stefan decides Elena and Damon should. He wants Elena to figure out her feelings for Damon. Meanwhile, Stefan will babysit Alaric and try to get his inner psycho killer to come out and play. They need to find where Evilaric stashed the last Son of White Oak stake before Klaus starts a bloody war.

This week’s Event O’ the Week is preparation for next week’s Event O’ the Week — the annual decade dance. Caroline shows up in the MFHS gym, only to find Rebekah has usurped her, to the point of changing the theme decade from the 1970s to the 1920s. When Matt sides with Rebekah over her decade choice (admittedly, so do I), Caroline swans off, but it’s all a ruse she worked out with Matty beforehand.

Tyler is back in town, and Caroline wants the day off from preparation so she can see him again. And see him she does. They quickly get nekkid in the old Lockwood dungeon, which would not be my first, second or tenth choice, no matter how much I missed my sweetie. Care Bear informs Tyler that when an Original dies, his whole vampyric bloodline dies, and that Damon so doesn’t care about Tyler as long as the Fellowship of the Falls can off Klaus without offing the Salvatore/Forbes line. For a moment I wonder if Caroline stole the Son of White Oak stake, but nope.

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