tvd ian somerhalder nina dobrev paul wesley 320x180 'Vampire Diaries' recap: We Kissed. Now It's AwkwardWell, that was a thing, huh? There’s no way to sum it up in a recaplet, so let’s stick to the highlights. In “The Ties That Bind” we learn some more about Meredith (whom I still don’t trust). Tyler works with Bill Forbes to break Klaus’s control over him. Bonnie and Elena search for Bonnie’s mother.

Bonnie’s been having dreams about the fourth coffin and realizes she needs the mother who abandoned her 15 years ago, if she’s going to unseal it. Elena and Bonnie go off to meet Abby Bennett Wilson, but Klaus has already sent a hybrid down to lean on Abby and Jamie, the young man Abby has been raising since his own father abandoned him. Learning Abby took in someone else’s child, when she couldn’t stick around and raise her own, is every bit as painful for Bonnie as it sounds. Kat Graham, making hay while the sun shines on her character who too often lies fallow in the shadows, does some lovely, subtle work.

Although Elena lies to Stefan and tells him she and Bonnie are just going to the Lake House, Stefan knows better and meets them at Abby’s. Because Jamie has been compelled by Klaus’s hybrid, he shoots Stefan with wooden buckshot and ties up Elena. Elena questions Jamie until she’s nearly free of her ropes. When she finds out he’s also been compelled not to hurt her, she uses this to her advantage and complains that the ropes are, in fact, hurting her. Jamie goes to examine her, so our girl breaks free, grabs his shotgun and knocks him out. She then digs the buckshot out of Stefan’s torso. Thank goodness, she’s not a damsel, yet again. I love it when Elena is fierce. I’m struck though, by the image of her hands covered in Stefan’s blood. This is the second time in three episodes that Elena has had blood on her hands. Is it foreshadowing, or just a powerful image?

Abby drugs (well, herbs) Bonnie, and takes her out to meet Klaus’s hybrid on the side of some dark road. She explains that if Bonnie doesn’t tell her where the coffins are hidden, Jamie will kill himself, because the hybrid has compelled him to do so. Bonnie refuses at first, because she says this situation is bigger than the two of them, but then her mom texts herself and shows her phone to Bonnie. It reads, “Warn your friends.” Their story ends, this week, with Abby offering to help unseal the fourth coffin.

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