cast vampirediaries 290 'Vampire Diaries' recap: You May Be Invincible But That Doesn't Make You FunnyKlaus brings Stefan to Chicago. There’s a witch there, Gloria, and Klaus thinks she can help him figure out his hybrid problem. While in Chicago, Stefan is surprised to learn that he had a thing with Klaus’s sister, Original Vampire Rebecca, back in the 1920s. Klaus has her stashed in his local warehouse full of coffins. When Klaus goes to visit, he pulls out the dagger, and leaves a compelled human on guard to tell Rebecca where she can find him (and to feed on) when she awakes.

Stefan learns he was Klaus’s willing wing man, back in the day. When Katherine calls our Evil Pixie Monster and tips him off to his prodigal brother’s whereabouts, Damon and Elena track Stefan to the Windy City. Damon inexplicably leaves Elena alone in Stefan’s old apartment — which has magically remained untouched for nearly 90 years. Yeah. I know. There’s a secret closet which was used to hide booze during Prohibition, and Stefan used it for such, but he also used it as a handy dandy place to list all of his victims. Miss Elena takes in the list with a new appreciation for the havoc a Ripper will wreak. Of course Klaus decides to bring Stefan there, while Elena is still there alone reading Stefan’s 1920’s diary, so Elena has to hide in the secret closet. Stefan spots her there, but covers for her, so Klaus is, it seems, none the wiser.

Speaking of closets… back in Mystic Falls, Tyler wisely goes to Sheriff Forbes with what he knows about his mother’s involvement in Caroline’s disappearance. Caroline’s daddy, Bill, is trying some hardcore aversion therapy, to condition the vampyrism out of his little girl. It’s torturous and I keep thinking of those camps people send their kids to, to purge them of “the gay.” Finally, Liz and Tyler find Bill, just as he’s locking Caroline up for the night, after a long day of torturing her. Liz holds Bill at gunpoint, and even fires off a warning shot, while she sends Tyler into the dungeon to rescue their girl.

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