ian somerhalder misha collins 'Vampire Diaries' star Ian Somerhalder and 'Supernatural's' Misha Collins share their off screen passionsWe hate when Bing product placement invades our favorite CW shows — there’s just something grating about Elena Gilbert’s Aunt Jenna telling her that she’s adopted, but no worries! She “Binged” her birth mother.

Our Bing grudge is lifting, though, because we’re loving their latest CW campaign in which they highlight some of our favorite stars’ extracurricular activities. Bing joined “Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder on his recent mission to clean up the Santa Monica beach, then followed him to a gorgeous benefit bash that night.

Next week, we’ll also get a peek at what “Supernatural” angel Misha Collins does in his off-time, particularly with his organization Random Acts. Read up on it here, and tune in to the “Supernatural” Season 7 finale on Friday night to see more from Collins.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie