tvd ian set visit 1 'Vampire Diaries' star Ian Somerhalder schools us on Damon's dark sideLast night’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” was so spectacular, we’re still feeling a little overwhelmed today. So, naturally, we decided that we needed a little hair of the dog that bit us. We dug up some video of a certain Mr. Ian Somerhalder from our September set visit.

This week, we saw Ian’s first Season 3 scene with Malese Jow, who has returned along with Kayla Ewell after an extended absence. “It’s awesome having them back,” he says, fondly remembering an early Season 1 episode where Damon and Vicki (Ewell) got drunk and danced around the Salvatore house. “That was such a great episode, dancing around in my underwear with Kayla Ewell. Where did those days go for Damon? The other thing too, about having them back, is the ripple effect on all the other characters and what it means. It’s awesome. It’s like the little family is back together.”

We also chatted with Ian about Damon’s switch from Season 1 villain to Season 3 hero. Apparently, our hearts have so warmed to Damon that we’ve forgiven him most of his sins, because when we suggest that Damon was never quite as evil as Klaus, Ian sets us straight.

“What are you talking about?” he teases. “He was f***ing brutal! He was awful! You know a cat who plays with a mouse, and then it’ll wound it, and watch what happens when it’s wounded? I mean, it’s crazy.”

Okay, okay, our bad.

As for whether Damon will ever go dark-side again, Ian says, “I could see Damon going back to that level of bad, because he can’t sustain this for another eighty episodes. No way. There’s the good and the bad; you have to take both of them. I mean, the capacity that Damon has to be good and selfless, Stefan has to be evil and heartless. Those, I think, may flip-flop several times… through the fifty seasons of ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ It’s going to be like ‘Degrassi,’ the show that Nina came off of. “

We’re looking forward to attending Ian’s upcoming Empoweresque Halloween Party in Atlanta — and you’re invited! Tickets to the party are still on sale, and you won’t want to miss it. Two words: Burlesque show.

“When Kim Klingler, the ISF Executive Director, said we’re doing a Burlesque show Halloween party for the event, I smiled,” Somerhalder says of the Fundraiser. “I think that it’s proper to actually celebrate coming together to put funds together to fund all these amazing projects. Environmental, animal, educational, all these really cool things we get to do. That’s what that money’s for, so why not celebrate it? Make a party out of it. Life should be a party.”

As for what his costume will be, you’ll have to buy a ticket and show up to see it all, but he gives us one hint: “I was thinking top hat and tails,” he says. “Everyone walking around in these bustiers. Why not? It will yield good photographic evidence of fun being had.”

For more info on how to attend the party, which is just two weeks away, click here — but first, you’ll want to watch the video below for more from Ian!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie