tvd eota paul joseph bar 'Vampire Diaries' star Joseph Morgan: Get ready for the softer side of the evil murderous vampire werewolfThis week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” takes us on a wild ride through Stefan’s past, giving the audience insight into his life during the 1920s in Chicago, when he was, as Paul Wesley describes it, a debonair, sophisticated type of ripper. But while Stefan was ripping throats and taking names (literally, writing them down on a wall so he could later “relive the kill”), Klaus was also lurking about Chicago.

“The End of the Affair” finally answers the question that’s been irking us since the end of Season 2: why did Klaus choose Stefan to be his partner in crime?

When the hybrid himself, Joseph Morgan, stopped by the Zap2it offices, we had to get the scoop on the very complicated relationship between Stefan and Klaus. And yes, we asked if Klaus might have a romantic interest in Stefan. You never know, right? He’s very crush-worthy. We’re not judging.

“I don’t think it’s going to be Stefan,” Joseph laughs. “I have to disappoint you. There’s a bromance going on sure, but I don’t think there’s going to be a romance.”

Executive producer Julie Plec teases that the relationship will continue to evolve over the next few episodes. “The great Stefan/Klaus bromance of 2011 is really powerful,” she says, “and I think there’s some fun stuff to explore there, as far as what Klaus expects out of that friendship and what Stefan is willing to give.”

In tonight’s episode, Stefan and Klaus take the next step in their relationship (not like that, shippers) and Stefan, perhaps, starts to understand Klaus a little bit more. “It’s not just me dragging him around all the time, and there’s definitely some real points of connection that we see, certainly by the third episode,” Joseph says. “Like anything it has to move on, it has to evolve. There’s certainly a side of him that can relate to Klaus and vice-versa.”

In the episode, Stefan and Klaus travel to Chicago to rendezvous with Gloria, a powerful (and super cool) witch they both knew in the 1920s. Because Gloria has a history with Klaus, she stirs up some memories that reveal a potentially softer side of our villain.

“One hundred percent, we’re going to see a softer side,” Joseph tells us. “We need to now. We’ve seen him being all-out evil and strong and driven toward his goals, and I think if I continued to just play that, it would become very two dimensional. We need to understand why he keeps his family in boxes.”

tvd eota joseph morgan vertical 'Vampire Diaries' star Joseph Morgan: Get ready for the softer side of the evil murderous vampire werewolfYeah… the part where he’s carting his dead relatives around in a giant storage locker is still giving us the uh-oh feeling. “He wanted to get rid of his family, but also desperately wants to keep them close, which is probably the way a lot of people feel about their family,” Joseph jokes. “I think it comes back to the human aspect of the character. We’re going to see something we can all relate to, even though its done on a much more epic, vampiric scale.”

Don’t expect him to soften up too much though. There are already enough good guys on this show.

“We have an overabundance of heroes, and when you have to spread heroism across too many players, you don’t really get to dig deep into each of them as much as you want to,” Julie says. “In theory, it would be great in the long term to see Klaus kicking it at the Mystic Grill with the rest of the boys. I don’t know, because there’s also something really alluring about a villain driven by emotion and want, who never ever gets sucked into the whiskey bonding barside with the rest of our team.”

This certainly won’t be the last flashback episode we see this fall. “I’ve said it before, but that’s the great thing about the show,” he says. “We get to play a lot of periods as well as doing the modern day thing, and there are going to be a lot of flashbacks in this season as well.”

In fact, a trip back in time is going to revive one of our favorite characters… at least, in the past. “We will see Elijah again,” Julie assures us. “In fact, right now, we’re about to start shooting an episode that takes us back to the origin story of the Original family.”

For the record, the cast is currently wrapping up episode 307 in Atlanta, so we’re guessing that 308 or 309 will be the one that takes us way, way, way back.

Despite Stefan’s best efforts, he and Klaus will make their way back to Mystic Falls within the next handful of episodes — we’re guessing when Klaus realizes that the rumors of Elena’s death have been greatly exaggerated. “I can say that it’s to do with Stefan’s ties that he still has to Mystic Falls,” Joseph teases. “It’s not voluntary for him to go back.”

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. EST for one of our all-time favorite episodes of “The Vampire Diaries.” When it’s over, everything you think you know about Stefan — and Klaus — will have changed.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie