michael trevino airplane 'Vampire Diaries' star Michael Trevino joins the mile high club with Tyler Shields (sort of)Imagine you’re on your flight to Los Angeles. The fasten seatbelt sign is off, you’re halfway through an eight-dollar tiny bottle of crappy Sauvignon Blanc, and you’re only sort of paying attention to “Mars Needs Moms” playing on your TV system.

And then a shirtless CW star steps into the aisle while a famous photographer snaps photos.

Sounds like the kind of weird dream you have when you drink too much coffee too close to bedtime, right? Wrong. For passengers on one recent Virgin America flight, this was a bizarre reality when celeb photog Tyler Shields and “The Vampire Diaries” resident werewolf Michael Trevino turned the trip into an opportunity for some serious eye candy.

Bet the inflight entertainment on your most recent vacation paled in comparison.

The photoshoot began on the streets of NYC where Trevino did some acrobatics on the ever-present sidewalk scaffolding, and then got all too cozy with some trash bags. (No, not the “Jersey Shore” cast. Actual trash bags.) When they took to the sky, Shields took the photo above, and the duo crowded into the bathroom for some additional shots.

It’s not the first time Trevino and Shields have pushed the envelope — they also worked together on a series of bloody photos that featured Lindsay Lohan. 

Seriously, we can’t imagine what the passengers on that flight were thinking — but we’re betting it was the first flight between New York and Los Angeles that felt too short.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie