stassi schroeder ok so sexy 5 21 14 gi 'Vanderpump Rules': Every day feels like Stassi Schroeder's birthdaySince “Vanderpump Rules” has only been on for three seasons, there are only three episodes that could have reasonably been devoted to cast member Stassi Schroeder’s birthday. However, it certainly seems like every day is Stassi’s birthday. 

On Dec. 29’s episode it was again — surprise, surprise — Stassi’s birthday. Unlike the previous seasons, her celebration was shockingly low key, and didn’t need at least three episodes to prep for leading up to the big day. The group queen bee had a simple, no drama dinner-and-wine-tasting. Another surprise: The episode wasn’t even really about Stassi’s birthday, whereas they have been the focus of a handful of episodes in seasons past. 
Even though less drama should seem like a good thing, this episode kind of made one nostalgic for the crazy old times of birthday past. Since 2014’s party had a more mellow feel, relive Stassi’s crazy birthdays from the first two seasons in below. 
Season 1: Vegas with a Vengeance
stassi 'Vanderpump Rules': Every day feels like Stassi Schroeder's birthday
Who could forget Stassi’s big Vegas weekend that was crashed by Jax? This was also back when Stassi was dating Frank, who turned out to be exactly what he was supposed to be — the perfect rebound.
Season 2: SUR of the Border

Season 2’s Stassi birthday trip to Cabo was by the far the best and most drama-filled. It definitely put throwing drinks in Vegas to shame. Stassi celebrated turning 25 with loads of drama including Katie having a drunk meltdown, Kristen pounding tequila and Jax telling the other girls an off color remark Scheana made on the drive up, making her enemy number one in the birthday girl’s book. 

Posted by:Sarah Huggins