vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale get tattoos

Awww, they grow up so fast. Just yesterday, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens were singing up a storm in “High School Musical,” chasing innocently after a cutie pitootie Zac Efron. Now they’re all grown up and tatted up. Pretty soon they’ll be renting cars and starting 401Ks.

Tisdale and Hudgens visited Bang Bang tattoo parlor in NYC on Wednesday (Sep. 7) for a late night ink session. Tisdale had the French words “jamais sea” tattooed on her foot; the phrase translates to “never alone,” which is true — her foot will always have its identical partner only a pair of jeans away.

Meanwhile, Hudgens got the “Om” symbol split amongst her two hands so that when she clasps them together, the symbol is formed. One would assume that this would also shoot out a powerful relaxation laser if she screams “yoga powers activate!”

Both ladies are no strangers to the needle. Hudgens has a butterfly tattoo on her neck which she says makes her feel like a “bada**.” Some butterflies do have wicked camouflage abilities so, pretty bada** indeed. Tisdale has the word “believe” written down her back and the word “fearless” on her wrist in honor of the time she left her watch at home but somehow made it through the day (note: the interpretation of Tisdale’s “fearless” tattoo is author’s opinion).

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