vanessa hudgens getty Vanessa Hudgens nude pics leaked again: More graphic, more annoyingVanessa Hudgens is newly single, looking fabulous on the cover of Shape Magazine, and hard at work promoting her new films, Beastly and the upcoming Suckerpunch.”

So of course, now is when extremely graphic nude photos of her leak. Again.

]]>This time, the photos are even more graphic than they were before as Hudgens poses with her legs spread and the camera held at an unfortunate angle. We’re making the call not to link to the images — mostly because they’re gross, but also because there’s no telling whether Hudgens was of age when she took the photos of herself.  We hate to sound a zillion years old, but when will these crazy kids learn? Nude photos of Chris Brown recently had his lawyers scrambling to remove them from the web. Miley Cyrus has been caught on a camera phone in all sorts of compromising positions. At some point, this stops being “Saturday Night Live” fodder and starts to be a real problem. Men and women have been sending racy photos to loved ones for decades, but in the digital age, those photos are more contagious than a cold — especially when you’re a celebrity.  Hudgens spoke to Shape about her interest in designing a clothing line. “I’m pulling pictures from the sixties and seventies and studying Cher and Bianca Jagger for influence,” she says. “Designing is about being creative and having fun, too.” It’s also about clothes, V-Hud. Wear them. Particularly when there are cameras present.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie