"Ugly Betty" star Vanessa Williams is one of the few actresses who is outspoken about her use of Botox.

ActressVa_Mark_57819788_600 Vanessa got on the phone to talk about working with Allergan, the makers of Botox, and Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization that provides underprivileged women the necessary interview skills, fashion and beauty help to help them get back into the workforce.

(Listen to the phone interview above. Sorry, but there's a lag until she gets on the phone. So keep listening!)

Vanessa, 46, started using Botox when she turned 40 and continues to use it sparingly.

"Botox doesn’t change the way you look," Vanessa explains. "It relaxes the muscles so you look refreshed."

But she admits that she's seen Botox used improperly. A lot. As have we all. The worst advertisements are the people who do it wrong, she believes.

"As an actress I want to have some expression," she explains and later confesses, "I go easy on the juice.”

Her doctor? Raj Kanodia in L.A.

Now lets talk "Ugly Betty," the new looks and the Season 4 two-hour premiere on Oct. 9, 2009….

]]>Vanessa explains: "We started back last week, and we are excited and still in New York, and Betty is moving up the corporate ladder at Mode and Wilhelmina has her mission to find Connor, and there will be some surprises, great guest appearances and some great transitions when people tune in to see the show's new look [courtesy of Patricia Field]. The office space gets tweaked and the direction of the look as well."

Vanessa is personally thrilled that fans were so vocal about their outrage about "Betty" going off the air.

"That was lovely," she says, adding that the two shows put on to get an audience in the "UB" time slot did not fare well. The popular show has now moved to Friday nights at 9, and she hopes "everyone follows us there" thanks to DVR.

Right now, Vanessa is prepping for the Daytime and Primetime  Emmys. She will be hosting the Daytime Awards and is also nominated for her work on "Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies."

In other words, it's Awards Fashion Time!

Two of her go-to guys for Emmy ensembles are designer Kevan Hall and Carmen Marc Valvo. "I already got an e-mail [from Kevan] asking about swatches and thoughts and directions, so I'm sure I will work out something with him. And I usually wear Carmen Marc Valvo and he's a friend."

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