veep season 2 finale 'Veep' Season 2 finale: Selina Meyer 'thinks she's ready' to be president, says star Julia Louis DreyfusVice President Selina Meyer had a bit of a roller coaster ride during the Season 2 finale of “Veep,” when first Selina wasn’t going to run in two years as the VP, then POTUS decided he wasn’t going to run, which opened the door for Selina to run for president in his place.

And then it almost got botched by a leak, but in the end, the heretofore unseen POTUS told Selina he is not running in two years, which means she’s at the top of the ticket.

Season 3 should be a lot of fun, as Selina’s dysfunctional work family gears up for her presidential run. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a time jump farther into the two years before the election or if Season 3 picks up right where Season 2 has left off.

Either way, it’s an exciting proposition. 

Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus told Zap2it before the start of Season 2 that Meyer thinks she’s ready to be president — even if Louis-Dreyfus isn’t so sure.

“She thinks she’s ready, for sure. Definitely. I’m not saying I do. I’m not even saying I’d vote for her,” laughs Louis-Dreyfus. “But she thinks she’s ready. That’s a ways down the line.”

Not anymore.

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