timothy simons jonah veep season 3 'Veep' Season 3 premiere: Don't let the door hit ya, Jonah“Veep” made its triumphant return Sunday (April 6) with “Some New Beginnings,” which saw Selina’s team celebrating Mike’s wedding while the VP was off testing the waters in Iowa.

Queen Corn

POTUS has not yet announced he’s not running for re-election in 18 months, but Selina can’t sit idly by and wait, so she’s out on a book tour — which (not) coincidentally is making several stops in Iowa.

She’s given a giant butter pat in the shape of Iowa from one fan, which as an Iowan, I can sadly tell you is right on the money. Considering how popular butter-sculpting is here in Iowa, I’m just disappointed it wasn’t a more elaborate piece. However, just as an FYI — you really don’t have to refrigerate butter.

McClintock and the Gang

The rest of Selina’s team is at Mike’s wedding to Wendy the reporter, played by the delightful Kathy Najimy, who makes all the politicos and press members put their phones in the “phone bowl” during the ceremony.

Of course, there’s a big rumor brewing that everyone is dying to find out about, and it turns out Secretary of Defense Maddox is resigning. When Jonah the tool posts a photo to his gossip blog “West Wing Man” of Selina’s team panicking as they learn the news, the media jumps all over it as a sign that Maddox and Selina are running for president and POTUS is not.

It forces the president’s hand, because he had not yet announced he wasn’t running, and the fallout is everyone’s favorite “West Wing Man” gets fired and has a spectacular meltdown on the way out.

My only question now is how will Jonah weasel his way onto Selina’s team? Because you know he isn’t going anywhere in the world of the show.

Best Line: “God bless you, et cetera.” — Selina.

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