julia-louis-dreyfus-michelle-obama-photobomb-seinfeld-veep.jpgOr maybe it’s the other way around. In any case, Julia Louis-Dreyfus — the star of HBO’s upcoming show “Veep” — stopped by “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Thursday (April 12) to chat up Dave about her new show. In what must’ve been a bid to keep the topic on all things political, Dreyfus brought along a photo a friend took of her at the 2009 White House Correspondents Dinner.

In it, Julia stands several feet in front of the head table where Obama is seated with who we can only assume is a representative of the Correspondents Association and that year’s emcee, Wanda Sykes. Dreyfus is smiling as a blurry First Lady raises her hand and waves.

“I had to stand in front of the rope and had a friend take a picture,” Dreyfus tells Letterman, explaining why she couldn’t get close enough for a real Kodak moment. “You can see that there’s Michelle and she’s waving to me in the background.”

As photobombs go, it’s novel — putting oneself front and center. What do you think?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson