Sure I expect upheavals and reversals on Veronica Mars, but I certainly didn’t see Keith’s (Enrico Colantoni) reinstatement as sheriff coming.

Perhaps I kind of liked thinking of him as the rebel, a PI who doesn’t have to play by the police’s rules. But I think part of me actually never considered that Lamb would die. I’m going to miss his puffed-up incompetence and resistance to all things Mars. RIP Lamby.

Anyway, Keith’s new status gives a nice foreboding touch to the action to come, as if only as a serious law man will Keith be able to solve the Dean O’Dell murder case. And now that they’ve nicely set up Prof. Landry as a cunning criminal mastermind (whether he’s innocent or guilty) the denouement promises to be engrossing.

At least they wrapped up that two-parter mystery about Coach Barry’s death. Somehow, finding out that he offed himself was anticlimactic, especially with the Creutzfeldt-Jakob making the whole thing feel like one of those inevitable Greek tragedies … only without the incest.

I have to say I was impressed with Josh’s ingenuity with the peanut allergy escape scheme. He’s a little extreme though judging by how he jacked up Mason and threw him in the trunk of a car. That’s pretty hard core, but I guess fitting for a kid who will flee the country while he’s a wanted man in order to ensure his family’s financial security.

Despite all this heaviness, Veronica still found time to give us some laughs while she was in the clink. I only wish that most of these scenes weren’t already spoiled in promos. The push-ups, lame tattoo and cornrows were a nice touch, but I have to say my favorite parts were having Logan snap her picture behind bars and Keith looking bemused before admitting, "I thought this sight would be more traumatic for me, but …"

And then there’s Veronica’s pals. After a contrived, bonding, adventure-filled scavenger hunt with Parker and new lovebirds Mac and Bronson (whose name I completely forgot and had to look up. It just doesn’t sound right), Logan actually smiles companionably at Parker.

Uh oh. How fickle the heart is. I can hear the outrage from the ‘shippers now. How can LoVe not prosper? Well, it doesn’t look like Veronica is too comfy with the idea of her ex hanging out with Parker either. Where’s Piz when you need him?

Oh, and how can I forget? Mac and her man hook up. It’s nice to see someone having a positive sexual relationship on the show without the drama. Of course, it’s early yet.

So here a few new twists in the O’Dell murder:

  • Mindy picked up the dean’s Xanax prescription the night he died. She claims that she scarfed a few herself to deal with his apparent suicide (ah, why is she now calling it that when she had hired — and then fired — Keith to prove it was a murder?)
  • Someone not of the Mars bloodline bugged Landry’s cell phone.
  • Apparently, because of the Clippers game, all programs are shifted an hour back, which means that the all-important Space Ghost episode used to establish time of death was actually one hour later. This is after the car was returned to the Neptune Grand valet.
  • Steve Botando’s fingerprints were found on the dean’ s keyboard. Later, we see Botando trying to find something at the O’Dell residence, just before he’s shot.
  • Bloody gloves and a shirt monogrammed with "HRL" (Hank Landry) are found stuffed in the grate of an old furnace at school.

Does having Landry or Mindy be guilty seem too neat for you? Who wants to revive the Goth son-as- killer theory? What do you think about the Logan-Parker combo?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen