veronica mars team mars kristen bell wb 'Veronica Mars' Team Mars: How could anyone be good enough for Veronica?Here’s the thing about the ‘shipper wars surrounding “Veronica Mars”: The various ‘ships remain afloat and in contention only because none of Veronica’s guys are good enough for the incredible, beautiful and brilliant Miss Mars.

Take Logan Echolls, for example. No one can deny the chemistry and passion that exists between Veronica and Logan. These two teens are both bright and broken, drawn to each other with a passion that is destructive as it is exciting.

But Logan isn’t a good guy. This is a teen who you could believe capable of murder, rape and drugging girls. Sure, he didn’t do those things, but there’s a reason why even Veronica had her doubts. Also keep in mind that Logan is the product of abuse and suicide and prone to spates of extreme violence himself.

Even that incredible first kiss between Veronica and Logan came mere moments after Logan got violent with another man.

Then there’s Piz. Stosh Piznarski is essentially the anti-Logan. He’s a nice, stable guy who just wants to do his thing and be nice to Veronica. What’s the problem with that?

There are two problems actually. One is that this stability and decency make Piz kind of a dull character. After the fire of Logan, can anyone really believe that Veronica would be content for long with Piz’s quiet normalcy? Then there’s the fact that Veronica doesn’t match Piz. She doesn’t come from a world of family values and happy childhoods. Considering what everyone knows about Veronica’s actual past, it’s hard to see her living happily ever after with the good boy.

Obviously, also-rans like Duncan, Wallace, Dick or that Todd kid from Season 1 don’t stand a chance. Veronica might have believed that Duncan was her one true love, but this is also the guy who ran away to a foreign country (twice), had a baby with another girl and had sex with a drugged Veronica, even though he thought she was his sister.

Veronica and Wallace, meanwhile, have the perfect platonic relationship that no one should ever want to destroy with romance. Dick Casablancas is quite literally the worst human ever to exist who isn’t actually bad in any real way. Todd turned out to be a drug-dealing thief. These guys don’t even warrant a video for proof.

When it comes down to it, Veronica’s choice in men never did measure up to the perfect man she already had in her life: Keith Mars. Keith was, is and always shall be the perfect dad. For a guy to be right for Veronica, he would at least need to approximate this example.

Maybe one of the guys will step up to the plate on in the movie? If not, the perfect man for Veronica Mars has not yet been found.

Posted by:Laurel Brown