veronica mars kristen bell 'Veronica Mars': Will the series return via Netflix after movie is released?Brace yourselves, Marshmallows — Kristen Bell is already beginning speculation that “Veronica Mars” could exist beyond the 2014 Kickstarter-funded film.

In an interview with CNN while at Comic-Con, Bell admits that she hopes it isn’t one-and-done with the franchise’s foray into film. “This could be my whole life,” she says. “And by the way, what a lucky life it would be if it were. There’s no formula for it, because it just has never been done before. Except — and I’m just throwing it out there — ‘Star Trek’ did it. They did a TV show and then nine movies. Who knows? Why can’t we make a couple films? Or continue to produce content of ‘Veronica Mars?'”

Bell admits that her current gig with Showtime’s “House of Lies” would make things difficult for the show to return to television, saying, “It gets tricky because television contracts legally only allow you to do one episode of a different show. They purchase you. I am not the face of ‘House of Lies.’ So the only way I would be able to reprise Veronica Mars (on TV) is in movie form.”

When asked whether Netflix could be a viable option to maneuver around the contract legalese, Bell admits, “There are some loopholes that we are already investigating.”

The actress says that she hopes her film’s success with Kickstarter can open the door for other canceled shows with fervent fan bases to make a comeback. “The way I see it is that Kickstarter is the best example of ‘power to the people,'” she says. If the people want it, the people can make it. That’s the beauty behind a public funding forum. I hope it opens up a lot of doors for fan bases that don’t feel heard with the content they would like to see, but I don’t think it will put the studio system out of business. I don’t think it’s the end result for everybody, but I really like the fact that the fans are my boss.”

Would you love to see a revived “Veronica Mars” series on Netflix?

Posted by:Billy Nilles