Oh wow. I can’t believe that Piz totally did Dean O’Dell in. Who would have thought that the lovesick sidekick would seethe with such jealousy, scheming at night during his college radio show to impress Veronica with his criminal masterminded prowess?

Okay, obviously poor Piz wasn’t revealed as the Dean’s killer on Tuesday (Feb. 27) night’s show. But just in case someone was foolishly reading this without having seen the pivotal episode, it’s still not too late to avert your eyes. Because the killer was …

(drumroll, please)

… Tim, the shifty TA.

Okay, while the episode tried the old bait and switch, by a show of hands, how many people were not surprised? I mean, it’s not just because he’s sporting such bad facial hair and a wig a la Color of Night (a Bruce Willis classic), but it certainly didn’t have the shock value of last season’s school bus killer. At least the show did try to lull us into a false sense of security by framing Mindy and Landry as partners in crime.

Instead of rehashing every little step that leads Veronica to cracking the Case of the Discarded Dean, why don’t we just relive the highlights?

  • Enricocolantoni_veronicamars_240_1Anything to do with strippers: from Veronica telling her dad about Corn Nuts to the whole "Down-on-her-luck Catholic schoolgirl smuggling cantaloupes in her shirt" thing. As a cool and smart chick, Veronica can get away with saying anything.
  • Keith (that’s Sheriff Mars to you) cutting through all the trivial BS that Tim and Veronica bring and discovering that the Papa of Papa’s Cabin is none other the Hemingway.
  • When Wallace tries to tell Veronica about seeing Parker and Logan "connecting," she responds, "I’m just trying to figure out which Gilmore Girl you are."
  • Hearing Prof. Landry tell the Pepperdine dude that Tim was a kiss-ass and a linear thinker. As creepy as it was, Landry was really passionate about mentoring the good students, as he was with Veronica.
  • In retrospect, Tim’s appeal to Veronica to help him was pretty ingenious because if he could lead her with the "evidence," she would bring it to her dad. Keeping your enemies close worked, until he made the fatal villain mistake of reveling in getting away with it at the end and revealing too much.

I’m content, although not necessarily satisfied with the ending. Of course, Logan moving on and getting Veronica’s permission to ask out Parker wasn’t that satisfying either. Well, there’s eight weeks of Pussycat Dolls before we see our shrimpy, savvy sleuth again on May Day. So I’ll leave you with these questions:

Who will finish up teaching Criminology 101? Does Piz have a chance with Veronica? How long will Keith get to play sheriff?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen