thylane loubry Veronika Loubry, mother of 10 year old Vogue model, speaks outThe mother of 10-year-old Vogue model, Thylane Loubry Blondeau, has stepped forward to defend the fashion shoot featuring her daughter that many have deemed over-sexualized and inappropriate.

Veronika Loubry took to her her daughter’s Facebook fan page — cause yes, she has a fan page– to respond to the controversy surrounding her daughter.

“hey guys im the mum of thylane something going ‘s wrong at the moment
with thylane and bad personn in usa about pictures she make’s 8 months
ago for vogue,” she posted to the Facebook wall, according to ABC News. (Note: We’ve left her syntax and spelling intact.)

“thylane doesn’t know about the buzz and i want to
protect her from the deapest of my heart ,,, she’s so young ,, so we are
going to close this accompte for a while ,,i know all of you are good
person who like her so i send you a big kiss,,thanks”

The Facebook page has since been taken down as has a Tumblr dedicated to the young model, but Loubry also spoke to a French newspaper, Nouvel Observateur, about the debatable pictures. However, her concern wasn’t necessarily the nature of the pictures, but  the jewelry featured in them.

“These photos were taken in December!….I understand that these photos can be shocking. I was present during the shoot and I was shocked …about the price of the necklace she is wearing! It costs three million Euros!”” she says.

Do you think the public over-reacted to the pictures? Or is Thylane’s mom just too lenient?

Posted by:Jen Blushi