victoria beckham Victoria Beckham has chosen her Oscar gown. Anyone care?What will Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga and all the other Oscar-nominated actresses wear on the Academy Awards red carpet on March 7?

The Dish Rag has no clue. Seriously, not a clue yet.
But we do know what Victoria Beckham will be wearing.
And no, it ain’t gonna be anything by Armani. Not after he uncermoniously dumped Posh Spice for Megan Fox in his underwear ads.

And no, we have no idea why Posh was invited to the Oscars either. But considering “So You Think You Can Dance’s” Legacy and company are performing on the telecast instead of the original song artists nominees we’ll go with it and won’t ask questions.

]]> 2 Victoria Beckham has chosen her Oscar gown. Anyone care?

Anyway we’re pretty sure this is the dress (pictured right). And it looks like it was made for Posh. A cappuccino-colored draped silk “Martha Graham” gown from her very own VB collection. For The Dish Rag readers not versed on the professional dance industry: Martha Graham, named Time Magazine’s modern dancer of the century in 1998, is the inspiration for Posh’s dress. Graham’s legacy lives on today through her choreography that is performed around the world by the Martha Graham Dance Company. We’ve perused the Graham gallery to see if a similiar gown is actually worn by any of the dancers, but we’re hard pressed to find one exactly the same. We suppose if you mashed up this green, yellow black number minus the stripes along with this dress that the silhouette kind of, sort of could pass for a “Martha Graham dress.” [insert puzzled “WTF?” expression here] What do you think DR stylistas? Check back daily for upcoming style scoop and predictions on Oscar red carpet fashion. And trust us. You will care.
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