Dressing like Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) on the hit ABC series ‘Revenge’ means always making a statement.

“Victoria states her intentions with what she is wearing,” says costume designer Jill Ohanneson. “She’s almost feline in her attitude, and she dresses for effect. She also dresses to intimidate. She wants to be the strongest women in the room, the belle of the ball, the queen of the crowd. Everything fits her to a T.”

Victoria dresses very sensually for someone with her social standing, and Ohanneson uses a lot of clothing from Italian and French designers.

“We went after Dolce and Gabbana and a lot of Dior, Caroline Herrera,” she says. “The way they fit is very womanly and cut to flatter and seduce. Victoria seduces not only men, but also women. Not physically, but she gets them to do what she wants by seducing them into her world. The men want to be with her and the women want to be like her.”

Victoria knows how to dress for every occasion effortlessly, and Ohanneson helps her turn heads with looks such as these:

tvfashd18 Victoria Grayson from 'Revenge'

“This is Dolce and Gabbana couture. We were looking for something we could use for the mother-daughter tea. This dress was just amazing. It’s a beautiful Italian magenta lace dress with lingerie straps over a stretch satin. It’s a summer tea so everyone was in floral and pastels and we wanted her and her daughter to stand out from the crowd. It was a huge pop of color.”

tvfash2d18 Victoria Grayson from 'Revenge'

“The white dress is Herve Leger. This is the classic bandage dress. We wanted her to be very sexy for the 4th of July party. We chose white because she is at that party trying to act like everything is OK and she is clean, but in reality she has all these machinations going on in the background. ‘I’m spotless, I’m clean, I’m taking care of everything, there’s no reason to suspect me of anything.’ It’s kind of like she put on a costume to pretend and fake everyone out.”

tvfash3d18 Victoria Grayson from 'Revenge'

“This ballgown that she wears to a benefit is Terani couture. It is sheered from head to toe with this beautiful soft gathering at the shoulder and the hip studded with rhinestones and pearls. We were working with shades of metallics, and silver is the color that was the most stunning. It’s such a strong dress. On the hanger you couldn’t really tell, but once she inhabited the dress it was amazing. I like the idea of silver because she is very cold where Emily (Emily VanCamp) is very warm. That’s how I think of them sometimes.”

“I also love the juxtaposition between Victoria and Emily for the party. Emily’s is very simple, so is Victoria’s, but her’s has that extra bit of adornment that says look at me, look at me.”

Posted by:Monique Marcil