victoria justice 320 video Victoria Justice on 'The View,' plus her take on fellow teen stars“Victorious” star Victoria Justice tells “The View” ladies about her start in show business, plus she tells Zap2it her take on some fellow teen celebrities.

Victoria appeared on “The View” Wednesday, April 21, looking hot yet classy in her heels and leather jacket/skirt ensemble. When asked about her “teen queen” title, she laughs and says, “It’s crazy. It’s crazy that I’m even being considered in that category. I’m just happy to be a teen and to be working, first of all. To even be called the ‘teen queen’ is crazy.”

She also says she started modeling at the age of 8 but her first big TV gig was an Ovaltine commercial. “The View” has a clip to air, where Victoria delightfully exclaims, “Ovaltine’s amazing!” She jokes that if she ever wins an Academy Award, Ovaltine will get her first thank-you.

We sat down with Victoria on the set of “Victorious” last week at the Nickelodeon studios and inquired about what she thinks of comparisons to other teen stars.

“I’m flattered, I think they’re all very successful and talented, so to even be in that category is super flattering to me,” she tells Zap2it.

She also says she got to hang out with Miley once and that Miley “was really cool, just a really down-to-earth girl.”  V.J. laughs as she talks about the “JoBros” and “J-Biebs.” She says they are all super nice and that the screaming, crying girls are crazy. Watch below!

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