Men (and women too) look forward to one singular fashion event each year, one that features half-naked women walking down a runway blowing kisses into a camera. It’s a day that has been referred to as the male version of Valentine’s Day. Tuesday (Nov. 30) was that day: The “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” aired on CBS.

]]>Consider: Feb. 14 exists for the sole purpose of showing women everywhere just how alone they really are. If they are lucky enough to have someone special, they often end up realizing how useless men can truly be. The same story applies here. 

In theory, watching gorgeous models with bangin’ bodies strut their stuff in heels and lingerie sounds like a great way to spend your evening, but once the credits roll, you are stuck thinking about how unattractive your girlfriend actually is. Let’s be real here — is it fair to compare us mere mortals to these goddesses whose hair and makeup are perfected by the best of the best, and who are paid unfathomable sums of money to keep their bodies in check? No. Do boys seem to think that these women look just as sexy when they wake up in the morning? Yes. 
OK — enough with the cynicism. Despite all our ramblings, we really do love Vicky and the show she puts on every year, and 2010 was no exception. 
Whoever thought to hire Katy Perry was spot on. Not only is she hot and not only does she look good in lingerie, but we also can’t think of a better performer to please both the male and female portions of the audience. Yet among the star-studded crowd (which was constantly being scanned by cameras) we failed to see her hubby, Russell Brand. We certainly got a nice view of the new bling on her left hand, but were left wondering what her man candy was busy doing. Surely he couldn’t have had something better to do? Most men would kill to get a front-row seat to that show, especially if they’re married to the girl on stage. So come on, Russell, what’s the scoop?
Personally, we don’t get the fascination with the wings. Watching model Chanel cry at her fitting for them seemed a bit excessive. They really just look clunky and heavy, but hey, to each her own. Although we will admit, watching the girls strut down the runway to Akon singing “Angel” was kinda cool, if for nothing more than seeing how happy all the models looked in that moment. But enough of the sappy stuff.
Our favorite segment? The “Game On” scene, where models donned various sporting event themed lingerie. We were hooked from the beginning with the “Knock Out” outfit, complete with sequined boxing gloves (please, please, please say those will be available in stores, we HAVE to have them).
Zap2It was live on the scene earlier this month with a backstage peek into everything the show had to offer.
What was your favorite part of the show? How about the Valentine’s Day analogy, agree or disagree?