victorias secret fashion show nudity 'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show': Miley Cyrus strikes again and she wasn't even there

They’re the girls every guy wants and every girl wants to be … the Victoria’s Secret Angels. And on Tuesday (Dec. 10), we got to watch them parade their nearly-naked bodies down the runway while Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, A Great Big World, and Neon Jungle performed during the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.”

It’s kind of funny how a lingerie company puts on a huge fashion show annually, seeing as how lingerie requires the least amount of fabric and creativity to create, but Victoria’s Secret has rebranded what a fashion show can be by adding outlandish and visually stimulating costume ideas to the bras and panties. There were long, billowing skirts and huge, feathered wings added to the bras and underwear. 

But here’s the thing: They’re still bras and underwear. There was more skin showing in this one-hour telecast than most networks would allow in an entire season. Just check out the photo above … that’s not exactly the most wholesome image, is it?

And here’s where it gets ridiculous: in the midst of celebrating all of the nearly nude Angels parading down the runway, when Miley Cyrus’ song, “F U,” played during one of the sets, CBS censored out the letters “F” and “U” from the lyrics. Not the word “f***” since it’s not in the song. Miley sings the words “eff” and “you” and CBS censored those out. 

Seems kind of ironic, doesn’t it? After staring at all that nudity, to have letters bleeped out? Especially during the song that all the Angels couldn’t stop dancing to, even while walking the runway. What was the network trying to achieve with that?

Do you think it was just a bit ridiculous for CBS to censor “FU?” Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum