There’s a scene in HBO’s Sunday series Eastbound & Down when Ana de la Reguera, as the chanteuse Vida, gyrates in a second-skin red dress that could pretty much make a dead man want sex.
Oh, they wear far less on Jersey Shore, and far more is shown in this and other HBO shows, but de la Reguera knows how to rock this dress, a simple scoop-neck mini in front with a zipper running its length in the back. It is a dangerous dress and can only be worn by a woman who knows her seductive powers.
“She thinks she is a pop star,” costume designer Jill Newell says. “We definitely wanted to have her feel like one. They’re in Mexico, she is very Latina, and we wanted to really show off her butt. It is sort of the plot, but we really wanted to make sure that was her best asset.”
“The fashion of my character is really particular,” de la Reguera says. “It is a lot about her looks, Kenny in the first season, he calls himself a t– man. He is a breast man, and here he knows I am Latina and a very curvy woman, and he changes his mind as a butt man. My clothing is very tight. I am showing a lot of my body, and she wants to be a pop singer.”

Newell bought Vida’s dresses at Bebe.
She shopped for the character in Puerto Rico and found a low-cut silver top at Mango. The checked blouse and other accessories are from Guess.

Shoes are from Aldo and Macy’s. “Anything that was sexy,” Newell says. “She is very good about walking in heels.”
Vida wore hot pink, red and turquoise shoes “to kind of mix it up so it didn’t look too matchy. We wanted it to be a little more trashy,” Newell says.
De la Reguera’s take on her character’s fashion sense is “trashy, cheesy-looking.”
Left to her own devices, de la Reguera tends toward the basic “simple and comfortable clothes,” she says. “I love dresses because they are so feminine and comfortable, and you always look right and don’t have to think about how to combine. I try to find fabric that is not too much trouble with packing. My favorites are Lagerfeld and Valentino. I love Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstenberg. I just love them because they make women feel prettier and flatter their figures.”
Newell does just that when she dresses de la Reguera as Vida, but that look isn’t as easy for everyone to pull off as one might imagine.
“I think they can try, but to come out still looking great is the hard thing,” Newell says. “She still looks beautiful. You have to have that attitude. You have to really embrace it.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler