In a night filled with celebrities and music legends, it was hard for any one star to stand out during “12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief.” But Adam Sandler managed it. Already known for his many, many humorous songs, the comedian added “Hallelujah” to his repertoire.

It’s safe to say that Leonard Cohen never expected “Sandy, screw ya” to fit so well into his ballad.

Sandler hit the stage in the first hour of the concert. Performing with Paul Shaffer (“The Late Show with David Letterman”), the comedian only had a single song to perform, but he made it count. Oh, did he make it count.

Beginning with pretty much the normal lyrics to the beautiful and haunting “Hallelujah,” it was easy to believe that Sandler was just going to be sentimental. Nope. As soon as he got to the chorus, the words changed abruptly.

The new chorus? “Hallelujah / Sandy, screw ya / We’ll get through ya / ‘Cause we’re New Yorkers!” (OK, so that last part doesn’t rhyme. You can’t have everything.)

This new version of the song also featured some NYC-specific memories, including stoop puke, bike messengers, that guy with the squeegee, Ray’s pizza and a whole bunch of sports stuff.

The livestream video of the “12-12-12” concert is available here as long as it’s on.

Posted by:Laurel Brown