Is there anything these "Hills" gals can't do?

Or at least try to do?

 Audrina Patridge is getting into acting with a juicy film role in "Sorority Row," Summit's new teen slasher movie set in, you guessed it, a sorority.

 Think "Mean Girls" meets "Scream." But with a delish R rating.  

Audrina can already play piano, is currently learning to play guitar and says she can sing, although she admits, "I'm no Mariah Carey."  

Sounds like she's trying to follow in Heidi Montag's stilettos. But don't tell her that. Asked what she thought of Heidi's performance on the Miss Universe show, she said,  "Um, no comment?" 

Then she added, "I feel like Heidi is doing it for fun."

"Heidi is going on and performing in front of a billion people on TV. She's just having fun. I just don't think she's taking it serious, and that's what's kind of disappointing because of all the music lovers out there who see it in a different way." 

Don't forget to go see "Sorority Row" when it opens on September 11. 

Then check back in and tell us what you think of Audrina's acting debut. She's no Meryl Streep but then again, who is?

Video: Elizabeth Snead

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