exit interview Jessie says he was “strictly platonic” with Lydia and that Russell “slapped” him in the face twice. Full text of the interview after the jump, with video of a separate interview.

Thanks for all the great questions you guys submitted last night. I included a lot of them, but now that it’s Jury House time, the questions get vetted through my contact and questions get edited out. I can’t help it if your question got nixed. I did submit many of them.

Which edition of Big Brother did you enjoy more, last season or this season? 
By far, without a shadow of a doubt, no questions asked…this season.  Thank you, CBS, for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime twice!

Other than Natalie, who were you most loyal to in the house?
Chima, Ronnie, Russell, Lydia and Kevin.

Was there something going on with you and Lydia? It looked on the feeds like you two were fooling around. 
No, our relationship is strictly platonic.

Why didn’t you ride Russell to the end? 
I was trying, but he “slapped” me in the face twice.  When I asked him about it, he said “It wasn’t that hard,” referring to the two times he went against me (Ronnie going up and going home and when he picked Jeff for the POV competition over me), I couldn’t look past those things and risk keeping him in the game…that’s when I made the decision to cut ties with him.  Honestly, he was the only person I actually felt I could beat in the final two.

What happened to your game? 
The fact that I aligned myself with the strongest people in the house, shouldn’t have been in the line of fire for five weeks…that I can hang my hat on.  The variable being America has a say with the Coup D’etat, so worse case scenario (Jeff had the power and Jeff put me up against Natalie and I went home).  Something I predicted as soon as Julie announced that America would be giving somebody a mystery power.  In a nutshell, I ultimately didn’t have control of my own fate…again.

Did your betrayal of Casey influence Jeff to craft your exit? 
The betrayal started with the seed that Casey was planting in the minds of the House Guests behind my back which went against what he was telling me to my face.  I made numerous references on all accounts in extreme detail on my Twitter and HOH Blog Week 3.  Simply put, just because he told me we would go to the final two, he was telling everyone else (including Jeff) to go after the athletes.

Who is playing the best game so far?  Me.

Who is playing the worst game? Me.

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