As we all know from his recent Canadian radio interview, good ole boy Billy Bob Thornton calls 'em like he sees 'em.

Whether you like the way he calls 'em or not.

Just ask the poor members of his band, the Boxmasters, who canceled the last two dates of their Canadian tour after their guitarist and several crew members reportedly caught the flu.

The convenient announcement of illness came a day after the band was booed onstage in Toronto for bizarre and rude comments the actor-musician made during his infamous train wreck of an interview with a Canadian radio reporter.

During the Q&A, Thornton appeared confused, was downright belligerent

with the host and compared Canadian fans to "mashed potatoes but no


Here's how he feels about doing big action movies, like his recent role in "Eagle Eye" with Shia LaBeouf:

"You have to do a big action movie, so you can pay for the house," Thornton told The Dish Rag. "And you have to pick a good one, because most of them are just crap."

As for making big action movies, he says it really never feels like "you're there."

"It's all Hollywood magic. Sometimes when you're making an independent movie, you can feel like you're there."

Don't bite the Hollywood hand that feeds your music and pays for big houses, BB.

Otherwise, you'll be working at a gas station before this recession is over.

And click here to watch that Canadian interview. It's priceless.

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Posted by:Lora Victorio