Davidboreanaz-bones-290 The season’s strangest crossover episode happens Thursday night on “Bones,” when Stewie Griffin from “Family Guy” starts talking back through the TV screen at Booth (David Boreanaz).

Thursday’s episode is the one where Brennan (Emily Deschanel) decides she wants a baby and tells Booth she wants him to be the father — presumably because empirically, he would be the best genetic candidate. The feelings her decision dredges up, coupled with an undiagnosed medical issue, causes Booth to start having hallucinations in the form of Stewie. Take a peek:

Other previews show Stewie popping up in an interrogation room, so the hallucination apparently isn’t an isolated incident. There is, of course, also a murder: The episode is called “The Critic in the Cabernet,” and the case centers on a body discovered inside a wine barrel during a tasting (bleah).

Brennan’s baby decision will continue to resonate into next week’s finale, but Stewie will be gone by then.


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Posted by:Rick Porter