With names like Bradley Cooper and Chris Pine being bandied about for the Green Lantern movie, Nathan Fillion is not a terrible stretch. Heck, we'd watch the space cowboy from "Firefly" pick up the ring and put on the uniform of the intergalactic police force.

And this fan-created trailer makes it even easier to envision:

Fillion casting aside, this has all the things any fan would want to see in a Green Lantern movie.

The trailer opens with a true-to-comics origin featuring Green Lantern Abin-Sur crash landing on Earth and sending his power ring to search for his replacement, a man without fear. The ring chooses test pilot Hal Jordan (Fillion) as the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps. The following montage has Jordan discovering his new abilities before being summoned to Green Lantern HQ on the planet Oa.

Here, we see the Lanterns' bosses, the big blue-headed Guardians of the Galaxy. We're also treated to a great shot of the Central Power Battery, the primary source of power for all Green Lantern rings. This is followed by cameos by several fan favorite GL Corps members including Kilowog, Tomar-Re and  B'dg the squirrel (or perhaps his predecessor, Ch'p). 

There are several action shots culled from other superhero and genre movies, including "Star Trek" and the "Fantastic 4" flicks. The villain is revealed to be rogue Green Lantern turned archnemesis Sinestro (what did they expect of a guy with a name like that?).

The trailer closes with dialog between Jordan and a man who may be John Stewart, who later becomes a Green Lantern himself. Earth is special, so unlike other planets, we get four Green Lanterns. Or five, if you count the Green Lantern who is not a Green Lantern Corps Green Lantern, just another superhero who happens to be named Green Lantern and has a ring with similar powers.

Fillion himself posted a link to the trailer on Sunday, and happily posted a follow up Tuesday: "Green Lantern fan trailer goes from 5000 views to 157000 since Twittering. I'm loving this Twitter."

Make that 157,000 and counting.


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