Jongosselin_290 has gotten their hands on a clip of someone they claim is “Jon & Kate Plus 8” dad Jon Gosselin leaving Deanna Hummel’s home in the morning after spending the night.

The brief footage  titled “VIDEO: See Jon & Kate Dad Sneaking Out of Mistress’ Home” shows no indication of where any of this is taking place, but the gossip site helpfully provides text telling us what’s going on and an on-screen arrow points out “That’s Jon!”

If you absolutely must, check out the unexciting footage of Gosselin walking towards a car:

There’s no indication of how Us had obtained the footage.

Hummel’s brother previously discussed how he could hear his sister allegedly having sex with Gosselin through the thin walls of the home they shared. “Ick. Nast,” he eloquently sums up.

Regardless of what’s true or false, it’s sad that the Gosselin children have to hear about their dad this way.

Please, make it all stop.


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