Stewart. Cramer. It's go time! Or, you know, go-for-ratings time.

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart devoted nearly the entire show Thursday night to an interview with CNBC's Jim Cramer. The feud — which, by the way, has been good for both sides — has been simmering for the past week, as "The Daily Show" has gotten record web traffic with its takedown of financial-news network CNBC and Cramer, the madman host of "Mad Money."

CNBC returned fire, and the past few days have featured a lot of back-and-forth sniping. When Cramer actually sat down with Stewart, though, the result was a contentious but generally fair interview, with Cramer calmly admitting he and his cohorts maybe should have been more vigilant and Stewart seeming to take Cramer at his word on a few points.

The full interview is below, in three parts. The bulk of their conversation is in part two, and if the embeds are balky — was running slow this morning, presumably because lots of folks are trying to watch the clips — you can find the three parts here, here and here. The site also has uncensored outtakes from the interview.

Posted by:Zap2it