Ah Kris Humphries, you charmer. The husband of Kim Kardashian managed to majorly gross out a fans after she reached out and touched him when he was walking off the court and apparently came away with a handful of sweat.

Honestly, it serves the woman right for trying to touch a basketball player after a game. What did she expected when she grabbed for the Brooklyn Nets power forward? Apparently not to be doused in sweat, as evidenced by her face and the fact she wiped her hand all over the man standing next to her.

Somehow we don’t think the Kardashian curse has anything to do with this little fiasco. Though Humphries is unfazed, the clip certainly did make for one of the funnier moments in the Brooklyn Nets/Oklahoma City Thunder game. Maybe we now know the real reason Kardashian couldn’t stand to stay married to him?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz