Kristen Stewart was asked about how she’s changed since the filming of “Twilight,” when she was a shy, sensitive young actor, and how she handles the nonstop coverage of her relationship with her costar Robert Pattinson

At the "New Moon" L.A. junket, she admits she’s gotten “a lot more comfortable about talking about myself and knowing that what you say, people are really going to take into consideration. That always intimidated me so much.”

Before, she admits, “I minced every word that came out of my mouth.”

Now she says she finds it "much easier to talk about the work.”

“Instead of refraining from saying, 'I put my heart and soul into this thing. I love it,' ” she says she used to get over-analytical. “But that’s what I should have said."

And for the gossip about her and Robert Pattinson…

]]>"It's so obviously false to me, that even before I became a part of of it, once I was a part of that … its like a ridiculous show … like a soap opera."

"It doesn't bother me. I don't take it personally," she says. 

Sorry for the abrupt ending. Check back tomorrow to find out what she says about “Moon” and “Eclipse” and Taylor’s performance. And his muscles.

And we'll have updates on who would win the fight: Robert or Taylor? Jacob or Edward? We chat with the hilarious and sexy Wolf Pack. Taylor describes what he had to eat to prepare for "Moon." Robert Pattinson's alleged pregnancy and what's the most romantic thing he's ever done in his entire life. 

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