Lydia_bigbrother11_290 After the jump we have the text of Lydia’s “Big Brother” exit interview with Zap2It and video of her eviction from the house.

Thanks for all the great questions, guys. I would’ve loved to submit the “Lydiot” question, but that just didn’t seem very nice and probably would’ve been cut out anyway. Also, Lydia isn’t terribly verbose, so this is what I got for ya.

What were you up to before you did Big Brother?
Painting, creating, and doing makeup.

Are you glad you did the show?
I’m so happy that I did the show and I have no regrets.

Are there two different Lydias, one who seems sweet and charming and one who is eccentric and cutthroat?
Both those Lydias are me it just depends on which one you get on what day.

When Jessie got evicted, what was up with the crying? You guys knew he was still alive, right?
I’m an emotional girl and it was unexpected what happened and yes I knew he was alive.

Was your relationship with Jessie strictly platonic?
It was a kindergarten crush that potentially got up to middle-school level.

[Ed’s note: I swear to god these people don’t know we have live feed access]

Why were you so against Jeff when he was the one that took you off the block?
Cause Jeff changed the game in a really dramatic way and he didn’t earn the power that was granted to him.

Why were you so mad a Kevin when he wouldn’t take you off the block, and when Jeff did take you off the block you were just as mad?
I was upset with Kevin because Kevin and I promised one another that If we had the power we would use it for each other despite what the current HOH wanted.

What do you think was the best move in your game and what was the worst?
The best move I made was listening to Kevin when he talked me off the ledge. The worst move was trusting Jessie.

You and Jordan became fast friends in the very first week. How do you think things would be different if you’d stuck with her?
I believe that I would still be in the house if I would have kept a friendship with Jordan and I don’t believe that I would have been nominated.

Which HGs would you like to keep in touch with after the show ends?
Kevin definitely and, as long as the other house guests are cool towards me, I’ll be cool towards them

Who do you think is playing the best game so far?
I would say a tie between Jeff and Kevin.

Who is playing the worst game and why?
Russell, because he is paranoid and emotional. He just yells and screams.

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