Sachabaroncohen_bruno_290 What is it with Eminem and MTV awards shows? Maybe he should find some different seats for the VMAs later this summer, because trouble seems to find him when he sits down front.

At Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, the rapper found himself getting up close and more personal than was probably comfortable when Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as Austrian fashion journalist Bruno (in theaters this July!), flew into the theater on wires to present the award for best male performance.

Wearing a pair of angel wings, a thong and not much else, Bruno got partway to the stage before getting tangled up in his wires and asking to be lowered to the ground. He ended up right in Eminem’s lap. As he did with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the VMAs a few years back, Eminem didn’t appear to care for the extra attention and stalked off stage (just as the show script undoubtedly called for him to do).

Here’s the video.


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Posted by:Rick Porter