033009_wolverine1"Adventureland" star Ryan Reynolds talks about his new film that everyone's waiting for and taking about: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" 

  "I think the X-Men fans are going to be absolutely in love with this movie," Reynolds told "the Dish Rag. "I think it’s a … you know, they’ve had three movies to kind of understand what it is that audiences are looking for, especially in these characters. 

"So I think – I feel like they came in with a great understanding as to what to put on the screen, and you know, I think they're gonna love it."

"I mean they're gonna love all the characters they're going to see … the Fan Boys are going to see favorites that they’ve wanted to see forever." 

"Deadpool is included in that group; that’s the guy I play.

"It’s just going to be a real event, I think, this movie is going to be a huge event."

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Photo: XMenFilms.net

Reporting: Sal Morgan

Posted by:Lora Victorio