Willa Holland plays Janice, the young wife who gets strangled in the remake of "Straw Dogs."

The Ford model/actress and stepdaughter of director Brian DePalma was encouraged by Steven Spielberg to work in front of the cameras. She became a model at age 7. 

She’s most familiar to “Gossip Girl” fans who know her as Agnes


We caught up with Willa at the Elle Women in Hollywood awards where we talked about the remake of the

infamous Sam Peckinpah film, which also stars James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, Alexander

Skarsgard and James Wood.

Here's the inside scoop.

]]>Willa admits she hasn’t watched all of the original movie because the filmmakers didn’t want her to get “jaded." "That specific scene, the one we know all about, is the one i saw. It's a powerful film, and Rob Lurie is doing such justice to it."

If you missed the original or misfiled the memory, watch the original trailer.


And her next project is a "crazy sci fi thriller" called “Legion," about God losing faith in humanity and sending his legion of angels to Earth to fix things.

Click here to see the Legion website.

"I get to kick some … in it with Tyrese Gibson, Dennis Quaid, Kate Walsh and Paul Bettany." She says the first time director – Scott Stewart — "is a god in the CGI world."


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