Rachelmcadams_ericbana_thetimetravelerswife_290With only a couple of months to go before release, a trailer has finally appeared for “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” (Can we say it’s “just in time”? No? Okay.)

The movie, based on Audrey Niffenegger’s 2004 novel, follows Chicagoans Henry (Eric Bana) and Clare (Rachel McAdams), whose love story is complicated by the fact that Henry uncontrollably disappears into other moments of his life. Literally disappears: He’s an unwilling time traveler.

The movie promises to be just as beautiful and bittersweet as the book:

Watch this trailer and more at traileraddict.

Update: The movie’s poster is out as well, and looks as topsy-turvy as you’d expect from a movie about time travel:



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Posted by:Andy Grieser