Dominicmonaghan_xmenoriginswolverineredcarpet_290 ABC is running series of promos for its new season that feature a bunch of its stars living together in one house. It’s a cute idea, especially when things like “Ugly Betty’s” Becki Newton walks in on “Lost’s” Jorge Garcia brushing his teeth (it’s the last scene).

In another one, several stars play foosball in the yard: Patrick Dempsey of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Ed O’Neill of “Modern Family,” Courteney Cox of “Cougar Town” — and Dominic Monaghan. Wait, Dominic Monaghan?

Word is the former “Lost” star will be popping up on one of ABC’s new dramas in the coming season. The network isn’t saying which one.

That’s not to say, of course, that Mongahan couldn’t return to “Lost” for its final season either. Death hasn’t stopped his character, Charlie, from appearing to Hurley (Garcia) in the occasional vision.

Here’s the promo. Any guesses as to which show Monaghan will be on come fall?


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Posted by:Rick Porter