Yes, it’s the season finale of “The City,” but Whitney Port‘s decision to move to New York City is still causing her doubt, so of course she turns to her pal L.C. as a shoulder to cry on.

Check out Whitney’s tearful phone call to L.C.:

Her job in the PR department at Diane von Furstenberg hasn’t been easy, especially with her professional frenemy Olivia Palermo. Not helping is her relationship with Aussie rocker Jay Lyon, who just told her last episode that he’s going on tour with his band Tamarama.

With work and love uncertain, Whitney needs real guidance. Luckily her idol and mentor von Furstenberg drops a few choice words about love that has to do with wind and fire … but not necessarily earth.

Check out Diane von Furstenberg’s advice to Whitney about testing the bonds of love:

Excited for “The City” finale? What do you want to see happen?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen