Zacefron_gqmenoftheyear08_240 “High School Musical” star Zac Efron hosted “Saturday Night Live” this week, and if it wasn’t one of the show’s best efforts this season, Efron at least proved a pretty game host.

Playing a German exchange student in a “Gilly” sketch and talking about the perils of leaving a singing high school for the real world, Efron did a pretty capable job as host. Here are a few clips from his appearance:

The YouTube user who uploaded this “Today” sketch mercifully left out the several minutes of lame Kathie Lee-Hoda banter before Efron popped up.

Here’s the monologue, where Efron thanks his tween fans for making it possible for him to be there.

And here’s the “High School Musical 4” sketch (we’re guessing this isn’t how the actual “HSM4” will go).

What did you think of Efron’s turn on “SNL”?

Posted by:Rick Porter