Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are having a pool party, and you and embarrassing Uncle Hank are invited.

The “High School Musical” sweethearts are the latest to get in on the action on with a digital short co-directed by Efron’s “17 Again” producer Adam Shankman.

In the video, Zac and his cool Hollywood friends are just chillin’ by the pool when his crazy Uncle Hank (Tom Lennon) and Hank’s pregnant girlfriend (Nicole Sullivan) drop by and proceed to embarrass Zac. Among the cameos are Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, “90210’s” Jessica Stroup, Carmen Electra, Lance Bass, Brody Jenner and Queen Latifah.

Check out the pool party:

Some favorite moments are when Hank tells Zac he “smells like waffles” and calls him Zacaroni & Cheese, Bass proudly proclaiming that he hasn’t Googled himself “in over a week” and Justin Long eating something deposited in the pool.

It’s not roll on the floor funny, but it’s amusing. The only real disappointment was that we wanted to see Efron show a different side of himself and play broad comedy, not just be the straight man. Oh well, maybe next time.

Your thoughts?


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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen