donal logue vikings 325 history 'Vikings': Donal Logue enters as Horik, King of Denmark
On Sunday’s (April 21) episode of “Vikings” on History, Donal Logue enters as Horik, King of Denmark.
For those of you keeping track, this means Logue will soon be on three cable shows. He’s Lee Toric, the violent ex-US Marshal on FX’ “Sons of Anarchy” and on June, 23 he joins BBC America’s “Copper” as political ward boss Brendan Donovan.
Tonight, though look for the red beard as King Horik, who initially seems to be an ally of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel). 
“It’s complicated,” Logue tells Zap2it of his character’s relationship to Ragnar. “Ragnar’s exploits made their way up the chain to the king and he was bright enough to know that instead of being threatened, [he says,] ‘I will like what you are doing.'”
The king offers Ragnar the boats and warriors he wants so he can explore new lands, but Horik is no fool. He knows this upstart will become a major pain if he achieves his goals.
“The history of the Vikings is unclear,” Logue says. “There are the Icelandic sagas and different things. King Horik may have been the first Viking king to convert to Christianity.”
For now, King Horik appears to be benevolent, as he befriends Ragnar, and waits go see what develops.
Logue bounces among the three roles, and after a couple of leans years, says he loves the varied work.
“I don’t know if anyone has had the opportunity to be on three cable shows at the same time,” Logue says. 
“I’m a 9th century Viking, a 19th century Boss Tweed figure and a former military law enforcement guy wreaking havoc on a motorcycle gang,” he says.
Better yet, “the facial hair works in all three,” Logue says.
Joining a show at the end of a season isn’t new for Logue, who came to “Sons of Anarchy” at the end of Season 5. With “Vikings” he’s starting in the eighth episode of the freshman season. And with “Coppers” he joins with the premiere episode of the second season.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler