vikings 202 recap 'Vikings' Season 2, episode 2 recap: 'Invasion' comes with a huge time jump

After all that went down in the Season 2 premiere of “Vikings” last week, it’s a bit surprising that episode 2 starts off with a four-year time jump. Now, Aslaug and Ragnar are still together, with yet another child on the way.
Still, even with a new family, Ragnar yearns for his first-born son, Bjorn. It looks like he never came back after leaving with Lagertha, though can you really blame him? Don’t count him out just yet, though. Ragnar wouldn’t be to focused on it if he weren’t coming back.
One thing the time jump helps is that the raiding ships are now finished. That means King Horik and Jarl Borg can lead their parties to the west to find new land. That is, until Horik decides Borg isn’t someone he trusts enough to bring along. He lets Ragnar break that news, leaving a very unhappy Borg.
In the four years between episodes, Rollo has hit about as rough a patch as you’d expect. After being found passed out, in the street, he finally seeks forgiveness from his brother. He gets it, but Ragnar forbids him from joining in on the raiding. That’s not exactly what Rollo was hoping for, but he did try to kill his brother a few years ago. So it’s not all that unexpected.

As for the actual raiding, Ragnar, Horik and the men find new land, but they also run into the forces of King Ecbert of Wessex. The Vikings win the battle, but the war is far from over. In the closing moments of the episode, one of Ecbert’s soldiers finds him in the bath and informs him that “they” have come.
It sounds like Ecbert was expecting this little visit. What did you think of the episode?

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