vikings season 2 episode 3 recap treachery history 'Vikings' Season 2, episode 3 recap: Jarl Borg's 'Treachery', Ragnar sends Ecbert a message

After the jarring four-year time jump in the last episode of “Vikings,” there was a lot of ground to cover in “Treachery.” First and foremost, Ragnar needs his troops further into the raid of Wessex, catching the attention of King Ecbert.
Ecbert’s religious ideals are guiding him in his actions, while the vikings are simply looking for a better. life. While they find some treasure, Ragnar realizes the true value of the land is its soil.
It’s a perfect area for farming, which interests Ragnar, the son of a farmer. When Ecbert sends men to ask them to leave, he sends back a message. They want to know what Ecbert will give them to leave … or stay. “We want to make peace with the king,” he says. “So we don’t have to kill anymore of you.”
While Ragnar asserts his dominance on the battlefield, Jarl Borg is silently stewing back in Scandinavia. After taking on a wife, he announced his intentions to seize the land of Ragnar’s people, as revenge for being left out of the raids.

The timing isn’t ideal, as Princess Aslaug has just given birth to her second son with Ragnar, this one born with what looks like a snake eye. The other issue at hand is that Ragnar took all of the fighting men with him to raid, leaving the town largely unprotected. As Borg and his troops sail in, Rollo is forced to have every able-bodied person join the fight, while sending Aslaug and her sons away to safety.
Naturally, Borg’s men lead a slaughter against women, children and the elderly. At the last minute, Rollo is convinced to flee and protect Ragnar’s sons, while Borg takes complete control of the land.

Meanwhile, Lagertha reentered the picture, as did Ragnar’s eldest son Bjorn. She’s now married to a rather abusive husband, and neither she or Bjorn are happy. It’s become the status quo, though. Bjorn is anxious to go out in the world and prove himself a man, but the stepfather won’t allow it.
It’s only a matter of time before they reenter Ragnar’s world. Seeing the father and son interacting once again should be interesting.
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