vikings 206 recap history 'Vikings' Season 2, episode 6 recap: Jarl Borg is 'Unforgiven'

King Horik may think he’s in control, but if the latest “Vikings” showed anything, it’s that Ragnar is the man calling the shots. After vanquishing Jarl Borg from town, Ragnar was asked to do the unthinkable: Work with him.
How King Horik ever expected this to be something Ragnar would go along with is beyond comprehension, as Borg threatened the lives of his wife and children. Still, Horik believed that raiding would be impossible without Borg’s men and boats, so Ragnar let him think that was the plan.
It was all a clever ploy to catch Borg off guard, though. In the night, his men were killed by Rollo and the warriors, before they went straight for him. Borg was ready, but he was no match for the mob and ended up severely beaten. He was deposited on Ragnar’s doorstep just in time for Horik to see what he had done. Obviously, the King doesn’t agree with the decision, but he doesn’t seem like the one in charge.
The stage is now set for Ragnar to execute Borg, which should be a powerful moment on the show, if it comes to pass.
After leaving last week, Lagertha returns to her abusive drunkard of a husband. He’s not happy about her return though, as he considers it a slap in the face that Bjorn didn’t return with her. That night, he sends a group of men to beat her with sticks. The following day at dinner, he tried to humiliate her further by exposing her breasts to a room of people.
Would you ever expect Lagertha to go out like that, though? Of course not. She spins around and stabs him in the eye, because he really deserves it. However, when one of the husband’s men pulls a sword, it looks like she’s going to pay for her outburst. Instead, the guy beheads the husband. That was gruesome, but all hail Lagertha.
While Bjorn is back home with his father, he’s also got a bit of a crush on a slave girl. She tries to stay away from him, but in the end he offers her a comfortable place to sleep and she takes that to mean it’s time to get naked. Whether or not Bjorn actually follows through on that remains to be seen. He’s a teenager with a naked girl in his room, though.
Finally, Athelstan actually seems happier than he has been in some time. Ecbert has put him to work because he’s just a little obsessed with pagan art. He shows the former monk a room of Roman scrolls, paintings and busts. Athelstan is to translate all the scrolls in order to preserve them. However, no one can know what he’s doing. What would King Ecbert’s people think if they knew he was a fan of pagan materials? That wouldn’t go over well at all.
Going forward, Jarl Borg’s life hanging in the balance is the biggest question that will need to be answered. However, what’s Lagertha to do now? Without that terrible husband lording over here, does she take control of his men? Obviously they prefer her if beheading him is a logical option.
What did you think of “Unforgiven”?
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