When a moderate earthquake hit the Los Angeles area on Friday (March 28), the L.A. Dodgers and Anaheim Angels were playing a game at Dodgers Stadium. That allowed veteran announcer Vin Scully to narrate pretty much the entire incident.

Not that you’d realize it was any big deal, considering the calm and almost disinterested voice of Scully.

It was the sixth inning of game 1 in the Freeway Series when the quake hit at 9:09 p.m. Scully mentions the tremor as it hits and considers it nothing but a small bit of shaking. Certainly the earthquake doesn’t seem to disrupt the game. Although attendees at the Stadium later told local news reporters they did feel the tremor in their seats, Scully points out in his commentary that no notable reaction is heard from the crowd.

The end of the video is a follow-up at the time that data on the earthquake was hitting the news. Originally reported as a 5.3 magnitude, geologists later downgraded the event to a 5.1 that struck near La Habra.

No one was seriously injured in this earthquake. At Dodgers Stadium, they barely even noticed it — even if they did get the play-by-play from Scully.

Posted by:Laurel Brown